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Chef John

I received my culinary degree from Paul Smith's College, NY, in 1983. After 15 plus years in the food industry, I was hired as a Chef Instructor at the prestigious California Culinary Academy. After five successful years of teaching, I left to follow my dream of teaching a larger audience online.

6 years later, I run the multiple award-winning blog, Food Wishes, which has become one of the most visited video recipe sites online, and is home to over 650 original recipe videos.

See the complete collection on my Food Wishes blog, or on Allrecipes:

Spring Fling

Collection // 21 items


Collection // 6 items

Christmas Is Coming

Collection // 19 items

Scary Enough to Eat

Collection // 8 items

Breakfast of Champions

Collection // 22 items

The Old Chef and the Sea

Collection // 25 items

Smoke and Smears

Collection // 35 items

Use Your Noodle

Collection // 13 items

So Fancy

Collection // 31 items