100+ Low-Carb Recipes

Allrecipes has hundreds of healthy low-carb recipes, from dinners to desserts. Whether you fancy fish, meat or vegetarian, we have you covered.

Staff Picks

Zucchini Nachos
Rating: Unrated 9
These low-carb nachos use zucchini slices in place of tortilla chips and ground chicken instead of beef as a healthier alternative to traditional nachos. Ground turkey also works well. You'll never miss the chips! Feel free to use your favorite toppings.
Pepperoni Meatza
Rating: Unrated 96
For people that are gluten-intolerant, low-carb, paleo, or whatever, it can be hard to go without pizza. This dish makes it a lot easier. It is made pretty much exactly the same as pizza, but with ground beef as the crust. Sounds weird at first, but it is absolutely delicious and very filling. This is something great to make ahead of time and then eat as leftovers later on. It's great hot or cold, just like pizza! I find that if you make 6 square slices, each slice is usually more than enough to fill you up. Feel free to add whatever toppings you normally eat on pizza. It will taste just as good!
Southwest Egg and Cheese Boats
Rating: Unrated 3
The filling only needs a couple minutes to assemble, and the result is a flavor-packed hot sandwich that works as part of a casual brunch or weeknight meal.
Grilled Salmon Radicchio Wraps
Rating: Unrated 4
This is a healthy recipe with Omega-3 from the salmon and Greek yogurt and lycopene from the radicchio, tomatoes, and red bell peppers. Radicchio is also high in antioxidants.
Laura's Breadless Fried Egg Sandwich
Rating: Unrated 6
Crispy bacon and Cheddar cheese are stuffed between 2 fried eggs in this recipe. So simple and delicious!
Low-Carb Deep-Dish Breakfast Pizza
Rating: Unrated 8
Gluten-free and low-carb breakfast pizza.
No-Cook Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Rating: Unrated 12
These Asian-inspired chicken lettuce wraps are great for summer nights, refreshing, and require no cooking!

Inspiration and Ideas

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