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Here's your passport to the world's greatest recipes! This month, dig into the rich culinary traditions and exciting flavors of Ethiopian cuisine, featuring recipes for spicy stews, vegetable dishes, delicious injera flatbread, and more.

Explore Ethiopian Cuisine

Get to Know Comforting Ethiopian Cuisine
Sit down to a platter of Ethiopian food and, at a glance, you may wonder what you're about to eat. But don't worry, everything in front of you is food you've likely eaten in the context of another cuisine.
Our Favorite Ethiopian Stew Recipes
Dig into our favorite Ethiopian stews, including chicken, lentil, beef stews, and more.
Essential Ingredients in the Ethiopian Pantry
You can find almost everything you need to cook a multi-dish Ethiopian meal at your local market.
How to Make Injera Flatbread
There's just so much to love about injera flatbread.
What Is Kitfo?
Kitfo is renowned for its bold flavor and luxurious texture. See how to make this Ethiopian specialty at home.
6 Easy Ethiopian Recipes to Make With One Simple Spice Blend
The key to so many flavorful Ethiopian dishes, berbere is a simple spice blend that you can easily make at home.

More Ethiopian & North African Recipes

10 Essential Ethiopian Recipes from Injera to Doro Wat
Create your own communal feast with these top-rated recipes for spiced doro wat (chicken), tenderly cooked domen wat (greens), injera flatbread, and more.
Meatless Ethiopian Recipes for Everyday Dinners
Here are some of our favorite meatless Ethiopian dishes.