You Can Cook That

Planning meals for one person takes a surprising amount of effort. Solo cooks often choose between eating the same meal all week and scaling down a recipe to a single serving — and dealing with consequences like odd measurements and excess ingredients. But, cooking for one can be easier, more affordable, and even more exciting. We'll walk you through our best tips, from grocery shopping to making delicious meals with ingredients you already have.

Shopping and Saving for Solo Cooks

Why Skipping Packaged Food Is My Secret to Grocery Shopping for One
Grabbing groceries from the bulk section and loose produce bins lets me buy exactly what I need, so I'm wasting less food and saving more money.
How to Meal Plan When You're Cooking for One
These meal planning strategies are designed to work specifically for the single cook, with fewer leftovers, more variety, and lots of flexibility in mind.
How to Grocery Shop for One Person – On a Budget
These five smart strategies will help the single cook enjoy fantastic meals without emptying a bank account.

Dinner for One, Done

5 Cookware Essentials Anyone Cooking for One Will Use Over and Over

Listen, there's a time and place for a 5-quart Dutch oven, but these smaller pieces are much more manageable for solo cooking.