Camping Recipes

Get top-rated camping recipes, whether you're campfire cooking or using a camp stove. We have easy camping meal ideas, including campfire foil packet dinners, camping breakfasts, vegan camping recipes, and more. And don't forget the campfire classics like s’mores, hobo pies, and campfire apples.

Camping Meal Ideas

10+ No-Mess Foil Packet Dinners
Cook a meal in a packet for easy clean-up and no need for special equipment.
15 Camping Breakfasts To Start the Day Right
Nourishing breakfast ideas to fuel your day after a night spent under the stars.
15 Easy 5-Ingredient (Or Fewer) Camping Recipes
Don't want to weigh your camping crew down with lots of ingredients? Try these easy recipes that need no more than five!
How to Cook Over a Campfire: Expert Tips and Tricks
Cooking in the great outdoors can be an entire adventure in itself. Get expert tips for successful campfire cooking and must-have gear to make cooking over an open flame safe, easy, and enjoyable.

More Camp Cooking Inspiration

Camping Menu for Your Weekend Getaway
Whether you're driving to a campsite or pitching a tent off the beaten path, with a little forethought you can create a simple and delicious weekend camping menu.
20 Campfire Desserts to Sweeten Your Next Trip
Use the heat from your campfire or outdoor grill to make classic and kid-friendly s'mores, fruity Dutch oven cobblers, simple cakes and cookies, and so much more.