Baked and Roasted Chicken Recipes

Find recipes for roasted and baked chicken, including baked chicken parmesan, stuffed chicken and more! Allrecipes has more than 1,940 oven baked chicken recipes.

Staff Picks

Caramelized Baked Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 2515
Roast chicken pieces with sticky, sweet and tangy coating.
By Allrecipes Member

Baked Lemon Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Rating: 4.5 stars 938
A great chicken recipe that I have made for years. Serve with rice and a fresh veggie. Impressive!
By Allrecipes Member
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Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Rating: 4 stars 3043
Quick and easy to prepare, and the kids love it too!

Mushroom, Broccoli, and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 54
Chicken stuffed with a cheesy broccoli and mushroom filling. Serve with a salad and roasted potatoes for a complete and satisfying meal.

Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs

Rating: 4.5 stars 999
Slightly spicy, but the sweetness tames the heat. Serve with rice.

Quick Baked Chicken Parmesan

Rating: 4.5 stars 175
In this lighter version of chicken Parmesan I skip the pan-frying in oil and instead bake lightly-breaded chicken breasts in the oven, then top with sauce and cheese. My family's not big on lots of sauce and cheese, so I just use a little to flavor the dish. Feel free to add more if you like, but it's excellent as-is. Serve chicken over pasta with additional sauce.

Tender Italian Baked Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 1411
Flavorful and moist baked chicken.
By Allrecipes Member

Simple Baked Chicken Breasts

Rating: 4.5 stars 466
Learn how to bake chicken with this quick and easy, 5-ingredient recipe!

Baked Chicken Thighs with Apples and Onions

Rating: 4.5 stars 13
This warm and hearty chicken dinner is perfect for the fall. Onions are simmered in apple cider and chicken stock before being baked with chicken thighs, apples, and cream.

Oven Baked Jambalaya

Rating: 4.5 stars 436
Impress your family and friends when you serve this classic and flavorful Creole dish and best of all, it's easily made in the oven. I brought a huge roaster pan full to a neighborhood fish fry and needless to say, there were no leftovers. Follow the link for the Creole Seasoning Blend, and make your very own seasoning!

Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

Rating: 5 stars 1202
A one-pan recipe for crispy, tender, and oh-so-tasty chicken and potatoes.

Oven BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Rating: 4 stars 592
Baked BBQ chicken drumsticks are smothered in a homemade BBQ sauce.

Inspiration and Ideas

Baked vs. Roasted: What's the Difference
The short answer? Not much: both methods use dry heat to cook the insides and crisp up the outsides. Now get some top-rated roast chicken recipes!
Chicken Breasts with Herb Basting Sauce
Rating: Unrated 683
"Fantastic meal! The best simple chicken I've had in a while." – DmarieS87
Juicy Roasted Chicken
Rating: 4.5 stars 3994

A couple of simple ingredients with no-fuss prep make a roast chicken that many swear is the juiciest they've ever eaten.