Dinner Fix

Chicken is the perfect foil for an endless variety of simple dinners. No wonder it's the most popular protein for home cooks. If you're ever feeling like you're in a rut making the same things over and over again, this collection of our top chicken recipes is what you need.

Chicken: The Queen of Dinner

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Community-Loved Chicken Dinners

Perfect Chicken
Rating: Unrated 296
Chicken stock, wine, onions, garlic, mushroom, cream, butter, herbs, lemon, and capers reduce to make a perfect sauce. Served alongside mushroom rice and asparagus; it is HEAVEN! Patience is key with the sauce. The flavors will come together beautifully if you allow them to reduce as directed.
Broccoli Chicken Casserole
Rating: Unrated 922
This creamy chicken, broccoli, and stuffing casserole is a delicious dinner.
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